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Welcome to our latest Current Affairs Quiz for the month of June 2023! Staying informed about the ever-evolving landscape of global events, politics, science, and culture is essential in today's fast-paced world. Our 50 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) of Current Affairs Quiz series serves as a comprehensive platform to test and enhance your knowledge about the most significant occurrences that have shaped the month gone by.

From breakthrough scientific discoveries to geopolitical shifts and cultural milestones, this quiz covers a wide spectrum of topics designed to challenge your awareness and keep you up-to-date. So, whether you're a news enthusiast, a competitive exam aspirant, or simply someone who values staying in the know, join us as we delve into the pivotal events that have marked June 2023. Sharpen your mind, test your memory, and enjoy the thrill of keeping pace with the currents of our ever-changing world.

50 MCQs of Current Affairs Quiz

Here are some of the major events that happened in June 2023:

June 1: The Summer Solstice occurs, marking the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

June 3: The United States Congress passed a bill to suspend the debt ceiling until January 1, 2025.

June 5: The World Environment Day is celebrated around the world to raise awareness about environmental protection.

June 7: The Amazon Crash Victims Found Alive, four children who were missing in a plane crash in Colombia's Amazon Jungle for 5 days were found alive.

June 10: The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Final is held in Sydney, Australia, with the United States defeating the Netherlands 2-0 to win their third title.

June 15: The 2023 NBA Finals begin, with the Golden State Warriors facing the Boston Celtics.

June 21: International Yoga Day is celebrated around the world to promote the practice of yoga.

June 25: The 2023 FIFA World Cup Final is held in Qatar, with Argentina defeating France 4-2 to win their third title.

50 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) of Current Affairs Quiz

Question 1: Gateway to the Underworld is an artefact belonging to which country?

Question 2: The Shenzhou-16 Mission was launched by which nation?

Question 3: Northeast India’s First Vande Bharat Express travels from Assam to which state/UT?

Question 4: Which country launched the "Obstetric Fistula Strategic Plan"?

Question 5: Which country recently approved the Patriotic Bill, which makes it illegal to criticize the government before elections?

Question 6: Which country has created a new class of 3D-printed alloys that do not require aluminum or vanadium?

Question 7: Which state/UT is Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary located in?

Question 8: Which country is planning to launch the "Silent Barker" satellite constellation?

Question 9: Which country is hosting the 'Air Defender 23 air force exercise'?

Question 10: Which countries in the Gulf of Oman participated in a recent Maritime Partnership Exercise?

Question 11: Which college is planning to provide new college degree titles, such as a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in arts, humanities, management, and commerce?

Question 12: Which countries recently signed the 'Atlantic Declaration'?

Question 13: Which Union Ministry is behind the 'SAGAR SAMRIDDHI' initiative?

Question 14: Which word describes the differences in DNA mutations among people within a species?

Question 15: Which state announced a three-year tax break on tea farm income?

Question 16: Which country is related with the Huitoto Indigenous group?

Question 17: Which cricket side is the only one to have won an ICC title in all three formats?

Question 18: Which nation launched the "Sustainable Green Airports Mission"?

Question 19: Which country has just agreed to form a 'global strategic alliance' with India?

Question 20: Which phrase, as specified in the Law Commission Report, corresponds to hostile possession of property?

Question 21: Which institutions were required to be registered under the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act as of June 2023?

Question 22: Which Union Ministry is carrying out the 'Vigyan Jyoti' Initiative?

Question 23: Which space agency launched the Mars Express spacecraft?

Question 24: The Galleri test, as reported in the news, is a blood test that can diagnose which disease?

Question 25: Which state successfully conducted a training launch of a medium-range ballistic missile, Agni-1?

Question 26: Which state/UT initiated 'Operation OP Clean'?

Question 27: Which state is the Shanan hydropower project located in?

Question 28: Which state or territory initiated the 'Solar City Project'?

Question 29: Census 2021, which was postponed due to COVID-19, includes options for how many religions?

Question 30: Which state/UT is associated with the 'BBMP Restructuring Committee'?

Question 31: Which organizations issued the report 'Hunger Hotspots -Early Warnings on Acute Food Insecurity'?

Question 32: Which institution held the Consumer Policy Plenary (COPOLCO)?

Question 33: Which organization initiated the 'National Mentoring Mission'?

Question 34: What country will host the '22nd SCO Summit'?

Question 35: Which country heads the coalition of 'Combined Maritime Forces'??

Question 36: Which country is Kafue National Park (KNP), which was recently featured in the news?

Question 37: In which city was the 'India-EU Global Gateway Conference' held?

Question 38: Which state/UT granted employees the Guaranteed Pension Scheme (GPS)?

Question 39: Along with which Union Ministry did the Ministry of Power launch the "Mission on Advanced and High-Impact Research (MAHIR)"?

Question 40: Under the 'One Family, One Identity' plan, which state opened a portal to create a Family ID?

Question 41: Which state or territory bestowed the "Green Champion Awards 2022"?

Question 42: According to the India Rankings 2023, which institution retained first place in the Overall category?

Question 43: Which month's full moon is Strawberry Moon?

Question 44: Which entity provided the law ministry with its report on the sedition law?

Question 45: In the Norway Chess Blitz event, which Indian chess player defeated Magnus Carlsen?

Question 46: Which country approved Bill 490, which limits indigenous people's new recognition of ancestral land?

Question 47: Which Asian country become a member of the "Centralised Laboratory Network (CLN)"?

Question 48: What organization launched the "e-Appeal Scheme 2023"?

Question 49: What exactly is Hvaldimir, who is accused of being a Russian spy?

Question 50: What is the theme of the "75th United Nations Peacekeepers Day"?

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